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International Ayurveda Mega-Conference

Ayurveda Beyond Wellness

Westgate Resort • Orlando • October 27-29, 2023

Join us this October in Orlando for the first Ayurveda mega-conference, Ayurveda Beyond Wellness.

Stakeholders from local and global organizations have launched NCAM (the National Consortium of Ayurveda Medicine) to advance authentic Ayurveda in the United States and globally. Be part of the mission.

  • Meet world-renowned Ayurveda experts.
  • Get an in-depth understanding of Ayurveda’s practical, evidence-based approach to healing various mind-body disorders.
  • Learn about the different levels of Ayurveda education and scopes of practice of Ayurveda medicine.

Affordable Board Certification

Do you have a BAMS degree? Take your Ayurvedic skills to the next level!

Attend the NCAM Ayurveda Beyond Wellness Mega-Conference and save $100, paying only $151 for Board Certification in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine National Credentialing and Certification Board for Ayurvedic Medicine.

Become a recognized expert in Ayurveda.

Get a FREE 1-Year Membership!

As a token of our appreciation, we're offering a complimentary 1-year membership in the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals when you register for our conference. This membership unlocks valuable resources and connections for your Ayurvedic journey.

Unity Amongst Diversity

Our Mission

NCAM is a united group of Ayurveda organizations collaborating on events, sharing resources, and helping each other in our joint mission of expanding access to Ayurveda in the United States.

Supporting Ayurveda at the National Level

National Organizations

These organizations are working to support Ayurveda at the national and global levels

Supporting Ayurveda at the State Level

State Organizations

These organizations are working to support Ayurveda at the state and local levels.

Supporting Organizations

Organizing Committee, 2023 Mega-Conference


Venue Committee

International Coordination Committee

Program Committee

AYUSH Committee

Finance Committee

Sponsors & Fundraising Committee

Marketing Committee

CEU/CME Committee

Oversight Committee

Communications & Correspondence Committee

Pre/Post-Conference Committee

Entertainment Committee

Outreach/VIP Attendance Committee

Hospitality Committee

Board of Directors

Members 1Members 2
Amit GummanKiffie Hester
Aparna BapatMahadevan Seetharaman
Asavari ManvikarMeenakshi Gupta
Ashlesha RautPratibha Shah
Bhaswati BhattacharyaRaka Bandyo
Deepa BhatRenee Mehra
Dhanada KulkarniRupali Panse
Heena BhattSomesh Kaushik
Jeff MitchellSujatha Reddy
Karan ChopraVandana Baranwal
Karla CainVivek Shanbhag